ISIDRIS – Metal Band



There are many bands that are born after the breakup of another one, and this case is not different. Daniel Garcia, founder of ISIDRIS, had a trajectory of many years in several metal bands including five years with his former powermetal band named Vintage, with which they edited an EP called “The Land of the Swords” (not available), and had the opportunity to share stage with bands such as “Rhapsody of fire”, “Stratovarius”, “Gamma Ray” and “Masterplan”.

After the awesome experience of sharing stage and wonderful times with the members of those well known bands, Daniel decided to turn the page and focus on shaping a new project, which was born under the name of ISIDRIS. With that purpose, Daniel contacted Jorge Perini (Renacer, Jeriko, Paul Di Ano, Barilari and Magika) and Juan Pablo Kilberg (Renacer, Backener, Veto Vazquez’s Infinity and Magika) who joined the project.

Isidris began the pre-production of their debut album in “In-Synchro” Studios in Buenos Aires, and then moved to the mythical and prestigious “Panda Studios” for Perini’s drums sessions, and Yañez’s (Barilari) bass sessions. From that moment on, and for different reasons, they decided to continue their work in “La Nave de Oseberg” Studios.
Later on, they completed the process of recording their first album: “Fire, Stone & Blood”, which contains progressive and modern power metal, focusing in achieving a personal sound and style, which is one of the band’s main objectives.

Update: Isidris is currently working on the pre-production of the Video Clip for the song “We Rule”, which will be released together with the album “Fire, Stone & Blood”

Isidris was just an Studio Project album but, who knows? Maybe the band start to make gigs somewhere, someday. Would you like it to happen? tell us in Fb :)

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